I am currently writing up my PhD thesis in Digital Civics at Open Lab, Newcastle University. I worked with powered wheelchair users to understand their experiences of mobility in cities and public spaces through mobile technologies. 

Together, we explored how their experiences might help bring about more accessible places and interactions. This research lies at the intersection of disability studies, human geography, sociology, urbanism and human computer interaction (HCI).

More broadly, I am interested in technology use amongst geographically dispersed communities, such as diasporas and those living with rare diseases and chronic illnesses, and how technologies may be used to enhance civic participation and influence policymaking.

Prior to my PhD, I worked in translational neuromuscular research for the TREAT-NMD Alliance, working especially on liaison and engagement between clinicians, researchers, patients and families as part of the CARE-NMD project

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Position Papers and Presentations

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