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Train “Delay Repay” Forms Online

I frequently travel by train when visiting family and friends, which in the UK is expensive – especially during ‘peak’ periods, if you are not eligible for a railcard, or are unable to purchase advance fares which permit travel only on booked trains on specific dates.

One way to reduce costs is to claim money back when your train is delayed, as many operators offer compensation if a journey is more than 30 minutes late. This is often 50% of the value of the ticket for delays up to 59 minutes, and 100% for more than an hour. Compensation is provided in Rail Travel Vouchers, which can be redeemed at ticket offices.

Claiming this used to involve filling out a paper form and sending the original tickets to the company, but several companies now offer this electronically. You will need a good quality scan of the tickets to upload, and full details of your journey.

As many of my journeys are to Cambridge, the relevant operators for me are: